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Hot content featuring girls pissing and drinking piss at Peeing Mania site.
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Peeing Mania

Peeing Mania Review Short about: All kinds of hot pissing content from girls peeing their panties to chicks pissing in the woods. Everything is covered in pictures and videos.

Review addad: May 25, 2007
Categories: Pissing

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Peeing Mania Overview

One of the recent updates at Peeing Mania features a girl wearing a blue skirt and a midriff baring pink tank top. Sheís holding her stomach, like she has to pee, and then she lets loose with it and you can see a wet spot as it begins to form in her crotch. She lost control of her bladder and pissed herself, but she doesnít seem too ashamed of it. In fact, she seems like she wants to show it off, to let the world see. She pulls up her skirt and spreads her legs so we can get a clear view of whatís going on underneath. There are other updates just like hers and a multitude of other content as well.

Peeing Mania features more than 400 picture galleries and 240 pissing videos for viewing. The galleries featuring 50 images each and chronicle a pissing experience from start to finish. The videos are roughly 2 minutes long, but it doesnít take all that long to piss so thereís little else they can film once itís over. This is one of the largest pissing sites on the web, maybe the largest, so youíre not going to find a wider selection of content. The only drawback is the videos arenít downloadable.

Sample Picture Galleries

Drinking Piss
Drinking Piss

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Peeing Mania Ratings

Site quality3.5
User rating *3.0

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Peeing Mania Content Info

Avg. Length2 minutes
Bit Rates3000k, 500k, 2000k
Screen CapsYes
Zip FilesNo
UpdatesSeveral times a week
Billing Methods
BillingsCredit card

The Good

  • Exclusive and sexy pissing content
  • Lots of updates
  • Good search function

The Bad

  • Videos tend to be very short

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