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Beautiful dominant women in femdom videos where the men are submissive and enjoying painful bondage and strapon penetration.
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Men In Pain

Men In Pain Review Short about: Dominant chicks show submissive men what itís like to take abuse. Bondage, pain and strapon sex are included.

Review addad: Sep 03, 2009
Categories: Fem Dom

Men In Pain Overview

Most women are not comfortable taking a purely dominant role in the bedroom. They donít necessarily want to be submissive but theyíre also not interested in taking complete control and showing the man what itís like to be in the bottom role. You have to look hard to find those women and in most cases youíre not going to have any luck. Thatís why you should turn to the internet for your pleasures. The wonderful world online has all that you need. If you want good femdom porn where the guys are subs then you need Men In Pain.

Itís one of the oldest and highest quality female domination sites online. Itís also one of the hardest looking. The guys are not just being forced to eat pussy and lick ass. Theyíre not just being talked down to by the mistress so they know their place. The guys are being put in bondage, theyíre being beaten and in most cases theyíre getting fucked with a strapon cock. Now thatís good female domination porn! There are free samples on the tour if youíre curious about what they do at Men In Pain.

Member's Area of a Site

The memberís area looks exactly like the tour with the only difference being that you can go ahead and enjoy the high resolution content. They list seven scenes per page and as long as you select the full view you see a series of small preview pictures, a description and a trailer for each scene to help you choose what you want. They list the names of the models too in case you want to see what else the girls have done.

Members area of Men In Pain #1
screenshot 1
Members area of Men In Pain #2
screenshot 2

They have 381 scenes at Men In Pain and just over 140 of them are high definition. These are some of the finest HD movies online, too. At 1280x720 and 7000kbps they sparkle and will do so on almost any setup. They can be downloaded in full length clips or you can grab segments (if you only want the strapon fucking they make it easily available). The videos can be streamed in a nice Flash player and the picture galleries look good at 1280px and can be downloaded as a zip file. The farther back in time you go the lower the video quality gets so be prepared to deal with some crappy looking scenes if you run out of HQ content.

Thatís not likely considering the weekly updates though. All the scenes at Men In Pain share a few things in common. First and foremost they have dominant women taking control and doing it with gusto. These babes relish being dominant and they make sure the guys know it. They all feature some element of bondage as well. Usually itís rope or a device of some sort. Thereís almost always some form of pain as well. This can be a rope tied tight around his cock and balls or clamps attached to something painful or a simple spanking. Thereís a lot of hot talk in every scene too.

Men In Pain features a ton of strapon sex too. Not every scene offers it but if you want to see guys getting taken with strapons this is a great place for it. Itís a little disappointing when you find a guy that canít actually take the dildo so the girl canít really thrust but there are plenty of scenes where the dude gets banged hard. Youíll also see the guy getting head and getting to fuck the chick every once a while. She mainly uses him as a way to get off, which is perfect considering the genre of the site.

For me it was the most dommes that made one scene significantly different from another. They all do a ton of talking and itís usually really erotic because theyíre basically telling the guy heís a worthless piece of crap or that he needs to take the strapon cock like a good boy. Some of the girls are really aggressive, angry and loud and others are a little more subtle and sensual with their naughty talk. I found that I liked the subtle babes more. The aggressive girls just seemed like they were overdoing it, as if they didnít know what they should be doing so they decided to scream.


Men In Pain is one of the best sites in the female domination genre and itís ideal for the guys that like it hard. These women are not gentle. Theyíre not going to be nice to the guys. Theyíre going to hurt them and theyíre going to love it. Thatís what youíre signing up for when you join. Youíre also getting more than 140 scenes in beautiful high definition. The rest look good but nothing comes close to the HD. You can download all the content including the picture galleries in zip files. They update once a week and the archive is big so you shouldnít run out of content anytime soon. Most scenes are lengthy too so you get lots of hot action. This is a glorious display of female domination and if youíre at all interested in the niche a visit is a must.

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Men In Pain Ratings

Site quality4.5
Update frequency4.0
Site usability4.0
Content amount5.0
User rating *2.0
Overall rating4.0

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Men In Pain Content Info

Avg. Length30-60 minutes
FormatsWMV, MP4, RM
Bit Rates7000k, 3000k, 350k
Screen CapsNo
Zip FilesYes
Billing Methods
BillingsCredit card, online check

The Good

  • High definition videos
  • Great female domination
  • Lots of female to male strapon fucking
  • Sexy leather and latex

The Bad

  • Search function is weak
  • By date is the only way to look through the content
  • Older scenes donít look good and stream in RM

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