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Sexy chicks are all tied in various forms of rope bondage that never cease to be amazing and inventive.
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Hogtied Review Short about: The ladies are put into all sorts of rope bondage and then their bodies are played with and made to experience intense pain.

Review addad: Aug 26, 2009
Categories: BDSM

Hogtied Overview

Rope bondage is an art. It takes skill to be able to tie a woman up in such a way that she canít move but is also not in a damaging amount of pain. Some pain is always good but you donít want to leave your bondage slut disfigured. It takes skill to work ropes like that and the best of the best are the guys that are inevitably hired to work on porn sites like Hogtied. Their skills are needed to show these bondage whores the pleasures of the rope and they are happy to share.

Hogtied is a pure rope bondage site starring some of the finest women youíve ever seen get tied up. Each babe is subjected to heavy rope action that leaves her completely unable to move, which is exactly how it should be. These sluts are tied tight and shown that if they resist they will be punished. Their bodies are pleasured with dildos and sometimes subjected to pain with all sorts of devices. Itís not about their desires or their enjoyment though. Itís about yours and the tour has free pictures and trailers to get you started.

Member's Area of a Site

The tour is the same as the memberís area. Itís simple and straightforward with preview pictures from each scene and a trailer for some. There are links to download the movies, the watch the streaming Flash version and to browse the picture galleries. Most scenes are divided into multiple parts with each having a theme. One part will be the rope bondage and the next the dildo play, etc. You can also download the videos in a full length clip and there are zip files for the picture galleries (which display at 1200px).

Members area of Hogtied #1
screenshot 1
Members area of Hogtied #2
screenshot 2

The movies are genuine high definition. In fact, theyíre better than most HD clips online. They look amazing at 1280x720 and 7000kbps (thatís the important number). They download quickly and easily and youíre free to grab the lower quality clips if you please. There are more than 580 scenes at Hogtied since the site has been around for more than ten years now. Obviously the old stuff is not HD. More than 150 scenes are though and even most of the old stuff looks good.

Thereís a lot you can do with rope bondage and after spending significant time with Hogtied Iím convinced that theyíve done just about all of. They come up with something fresh every week though and thatís what amazes me about the site. Nowadays theyíre updating twice a week, in fact. One update is the casting couch where they bring in an amateur to get tied up and abused lightly on an actual couch. The other is the full update filmed in the dungeon area. The setting is just perfect for this type of porn. Itís a dank and dark, although youíll never complain about the lighting.

The casting couch scenes are 20-30 minutes long and the regular scenes 40-65 minutes long on average. This is one of the most intense rope bondage sites online. The women are tied in some of the most inventive and uncomfortable looking positions Iíve ever seen. In a recent addition the girl is tied to a wooden support beam in the dungeon but what makes it interesting is that sheís tied upside down. Upside down! They do numerous rope bondage suspensions and they never fail to be interesting.

Each scene features several bondage positions. Theyíll do a suspension and then theyíll tie the girl in a position on the floor and then theyíll try something else entirely. Iíve seen movies with half a dozen or more. Once the girl is tied up they like to inflict a little pain on her body to make things interesting. They use clamps for the nipples and pussy, they have these little electro shock devices that are like mini cattle prods, they spank and cane a little bit, they have these hooks that go into the asshole and look horrifyingly painful and sometimes they just force toys into the girlís hot pussy to make her squirm. Every scene is a wonderful bondage adventure.


Of all the rope bondage sites online Hogtied rests near the top. It might be the best of them. They combine hot girls, perfect sets, bondage masters and as much time as is needed to make porn you can download, stream or view in pictures. Theyíre currently updating twice a week with casting couch bondage session and another full-fledged session in the dungeon area. The girls are subjected to all manners of pain and punishment and it leaves them wanting more. Youíll feel the same way. The high definition videos are among the most beautiful Iíve ever seen and with nearly 600 scenes this is a huge site.

Sample Picture Galleries

Sample Movie Galleries

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Hogtied Ratings

Site quality5.0
Update frequency4.0
Site usability5.0
Content amount5.0
User rating *3.0
Overall rating4.5

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Hogtied Content Info

Avg. Length25-60 minutes
FormatsWMV, MP4
Bit Rates7000k, 3000k
Screen CapsNo
Zip FilesYes
Billing Methods
BillingsCredit card, online check

The Good

  • Nearly 600 rope bondage scenes
  • Updates twice a week
  • Great high definition videos
  • Inventive bondage positions

The Bad

  • Design is a little bland
  • Search function is unhelpful

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